Friday, July 25, 2008

Soft Green Beginner Scarf

Another scarf already finished. It's called beginner scarf as written in the pattern which is choosen by request. The scarf is reversible. As my cousin request for the green one, finally i got the color by Sirdar Supersoft Baby 100gr. The yarn is 100% Courtelle.

I made it for almost 2 weeks for its length 1.5m, not include Saturday and Sunday, by using 5mm dpn. I'm glad it's already done and i can continue my cardigan anyway ^^

Monday, July 14, 2008

White Sirdar Pure Cotton

Last Saturday, 12th July 2008, i went to shop sirdar. There still remained 10 balls. When i asked for the price, yaiks, the seller already marked up the price since the last 2 days i had called her. Geeze. I tried to make a bargain with the shop assistant and i made it to normal price. Lucky me. Finally i was bought 5 balls of it. Yippiee. But..... Upps.. the yarns are under arrest.. Huwaa.. =( cause it's for my birthday gift. My BF said that it is such a weird gift but i don't care :P

Can't wait to have that ;p

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Discontinued Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply

If you've ever used Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply than you will know that this yarn is worth it to buy since it's great to make any apparels. But the bad news is it will be discontinued. The last stock that available in the store was the white color. 2 days ago i made a call to the store, and the owner said that their store has only 6 balls in stock.

Actually last 2 week i already been there to buy it but only available the white one and i didn't believe that it'll be discontinued. So i tried to wait several days and figured out who know's they will have new stock.

I'm gonna being there again this Saturday. Maybe i'll buy the last stock if their still available.